It’s my birthday, I’m 20, & it seems nobody really cares as much as I thought they would. But that’s okay, nothing out of the ordinary I suppose.

No so good goodbye.


I’m going to kill myself tonight and everyone has made it crystal clear that that is what they all want. I cried out for help only to be ignored time and time again. I’m done fighting this battle alone. I can’t take the pain that has been bubbling up for so many years.
Don’t call me selfish.

PLEASE DON’T DO THIS, we care about you, we really do

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4031) I’m destroying myself all in the name of trying to feel skinny.

I did the whole “raw till 4” thing today, wasn’t too bad! My mom saw I’ve lost weight, I told her only 6lbs, but it’s actually around 13lbs (in about a month or two). I hate people noticing, especially her, she makes me feel like I’m doing something completely wrong, like it’s not actually an accomplishment, which it is, I mean… it’s not that easy to lose that weight, I was unhealthy & am changing my eating habits & you can’t do that to me, it’s not fair.

3945) I’m still not skinny enough, after all this.

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4016) Even when I’m eating something healthy I feel bad about myself for eating when I’m too fat and disgusting.

4007) I’m losing weight. But I look exactly the SAME. The number on the scale lowers, but no one even notices.